Convertible Guest Room

Guest rooms can create a dilemma. I suppose the traditional space has a king, queen, or double bed.  But often, that arrangement does not work for us. People want their own beds. We have a couple of solutions for that. One is the convertible bedroom.

A king-size bed is the equivalent of two extra-long twin mattresses. When we host singles, the beds are twins, spaced apart by an easy to move night stand. But when we have married couples, we push them together. Yes, it means linens for three beds but it's better than needing a second guest room or kicking the kids out of their spaces. 

Not everyone is familiar with extra-long twin mattresses. They may not be on display at most stores but they can be ordered. Extra-long twin sheets are as rare as unicorns, unless it is back-to-school time. They are readily available then because apparently, that is the typical college dorm bed size. But you can always find them online. If you already have normal twin beds, you can make them work but it may require tightening the king-sized sheets when the beds are put together.

So when the beds are pushed together, what happens to that big gap? Isn't it uncomfortable? Fortunately,  there is a foam strip meant for this exact purpose, available at bedding stores. Once that is in place, the addition of  a thick mattress pad makes for a pretty smooth transition.

The key to making the bed look like a single unit lies in straight-sided headboards. The headboards pictured are actually the ends of a daybed picked up at an antiques fair for $75.( I gave the middle of the bed to a friend to use as a headboard.) All we had to do was add some wood to make them higher then bolt them to the metal bed frame. Et voilà!