DIY Padded Woven Headboards


I recently posted about convertible guestrooms. We did some rearranging at our house because of the addition of two kids. This resulted in a new guest space, Kerith Cottage. We still have some details to add but we finally finished the beds.

Hubs was looking online for headboards. He found a pair for around $600. They were straight-sided and seemed to be woven wicker. They would have been perfect for going back and forth from twins to a king bed. But honestly, I couldn’t stomach the investment. Plus they gave me a great idea for a DIY project.

It started with finding woven jute on Amazon ( It is the webbing that is used inside of some upholstered furniture. You can find it often at fabric stores but as with most things, buying in bulk is the way to go. One 72 yd. roll was exactly what was needed for two beds.

The basic process: 

  1. Build a frame
  2. Stain and seal the frame
  3. Cut upholstery foam to fit inside frame
  4. Staple fabric to wood to cover foam on both sides of frame
  5. Attach horizontal  pieces of webbing, starting and ending in the back
  6. Weave vertical pieces through, stapling at the bottom
  7. Drill holes in the legs and bolt to metal bed frame

Overall, the cost was $150-175 for two custom headboards and took a weekend start to finish.