Organizing The Second Mile

If you have looked at the “Stay” page on our website, you know that we have a cottage in our backyard listed on Airbnb. (You can now book directly through us, by the way.) But to give our visitors a great experience, we like to offer a few extras that you would see in hotels, such as coffee service, snacks, bottles of water, and my favorite, chocolate.


We discovered early on that to refill this meant we were taking mental inventories, then running to the house multiple times to gather what we needed. To become more efficient, we put these extras in a basket. But over time, it became a hot mess. So this morning, I decided to make it “LEAN”.


Eventually I want to make a cute organizer out of wood. But I just needed something quick and NOW. So first I decided what all needed to go into the basket.


Then using some scrap pieces of foam board and the slot-construction method, I created a grid that fit into our existing basket. Now there are nine spaces to hold enough for one complete re-stock. No, it’s not perfect. But it does the job.

The goal is to add to the basket after each turning of the cottage so it is always at the ready. This also makes it much easier if someone else is helping me clean. I can just tell them to grab the basket and they won’t need to search for anything.


Even if you don’t have a guest cottage, there may be other things you do that keep you running up and down, back and forth, that could be helped by a quick re-think and re-jig.