The Garage Shed-Part 2: The Doors

I love the look of barn doors but have you ever priced them? Hardware alone starts around $100. With a door, you could be spending $400-500 and that’s for a single opening. We have a span of about 130” we are trying to cover which has caused me to get creative.

Two years ago, when we moved our big kids to the lower level, I re-did our son’s room and made some doors for his dream closet. Back then, I spent loads of time on Pinterest trying to find a cost-effective way to do this. But I ended up coming up with my own system at that time which actually used the good old by-pass door system. (Click to read about A Boy’s Dream Closet)


This time around, I wanted the doors to look more barn-like so decided to go with 2- 10’ black steel pipes, that act like curtain rods, and some fittings. Unlike true barn doors, the weight of mine are on the wheels attached to the bottom of each panel. There are guide rings at the top attached to the pipes which keep the doors in line and create that barn look.


  1. Decide overall dimensions for door, including wheels and U-ring at the top.

  2. Spray paint hardware.

  3. Cut the wood to size.

  4. Sand rough ends.

  5. Stain wood.

6. Using a framing square and drill, attach panels together with metal plates.

7. Attach the bottom and top using small 90 degree brackets on the front and back.

8. Cut sheet metal to size using gloves and strong scissors that you don’t care about.

For a tip about sheet metal, click here.

9. Flip frame over and screw pieces in place.

10. Attach wheels and U-rings.

11. Hang one end of the pipes, doing the Inside one first.

12. Thread the pole through the rings and attach the second end.

After putting all four up, I realized that the gaps between the doors was just too great so I added 1 x 3’s on the outside edges of them. But then the U-ring was in the way. So I pulled out one of my favorites, an oscillating multi-tool. It cut the corner off of the installed board in seconds, allowing the doors to bypass each other.

After staining the new wood, the doors were done! Next step is reinstalling the Gladiator storage system.