The Garage Shed Part 3- Storage


For those just joining us, we have been transforming our garage into the Chics With Tools Makery. The most recent project was building a shed inside the garage. Okay, some people may call it a closet but since it is about 40 square feet, I am sticking with “shed”. You may ask why we are doing this. Well there is a lot of ugly that goes into most garages, such as lawn mowers, dirty tools, and blowers. I have to confess that for the last few workshops, we have taken our least attractive things out and hidden them elsewhere so the space looked better, less crowded, and more professional. Now we don’t have to do that.

What good is a shed, though, if you don’t have efficient storage systems in place? Fortunately, before we started this remodel, we had a lot of Gladiator components already around the garage. I didn’t need to spend a dime on this part. Even though this system is not the exact vibe we are going for, it works well behind closed doors.


  • The first step was to stain the inside paneled wall.

  • Next, I pulled out the things that needed to fit in the shed. I knew I wanted to hang the garden tools on the ends, so that’s where I started. My goal was to have items accessible and not too crowded.

  • The height of the tools dictated where I hung the rails. Gladiator is great, by the way, though not cheap. I cut it on the miter saw and drilled screws through it without needing to make pilot holes. The hardest part was locating the studs.

  • I used a combination of shelves and hooks on the back wall to organize odds and ends, allowing for space to pull in the wheeled items.

We are very pleased with the results which achieved our main goals:

  1. To get everything off the floor or on wheels so the hubs can blow debris out of the garage with no obstacles in the way.

  2. To hide the ugly in a really chic way.