Wood Wall Camouflage

Our garage to “Chics With Tools Makery” transformation consisted of one component this week: a wood feature wall. It took parts of four days and we love the result!


When we added the split system, exposed ductwork came with it. I could have handled it if it were somewhere else, but its placement made for an awkward wall, in my opinion. Even though we painted it white, it still forced things off-center. Apparently, Page was of the same mind and he had a great idea. 


We decided to install a wall of wood, furred deep enough to cover the ductwork and pretty enough to be a great background for the Chics With Tools sign.


  • To make it happen, first, I placed an order for the lumber at Lowes. I picked it up the following day and didn’t have to touch it until it was time to unload at home.

  • Since we have 14’ ceilings, we needed some scaffolding. So, I rented this unit, which is called a baker’s scaffold. It is actually two of them on top of each other and they fit in the back of my SUV.  One week costs about $100 which is not bad when you balance it against paying someone to do the work. My plan is to paint the ceiling while we have it.

  • I stained all the wood the day before installation using the same one-step deck stain from the rest of the garage. 

  • We (Page, eldest son, and I) used 12- 2” x 4”s made into ‘L’s. The flat sides were screwed into the wall studs and the boards on edge created the depth needed to clear the ductwork.

  • Next, we attached 43 spruce pine 1” x 4” furring strips with the nail gun, leaving a large gap for the AC unit to be able to be serviced.

  • Day two of construction we needed to cover the split system, so we made a shroud for it with scrap wood and five more furring strips. We had to leave space for the air to flow at the bottom and the top. It’s not completely invisible but at least it’s no longer the focal point of the wall.


It was not a difficult, nor expensive project, making it a great bang for the buck.


Little, by little, we are getting there. Next step: painting the ceiling. Yippy, Skippy!

By the way, the wood on the cart is for the next Chics With Tools sign painting workshop, October 16th.

By the way, the wood on the cart is for the next Chics With Tools sign painting workshop, October 16th.