Pillows & Cocoa Wrap-Up


The cold rain made last night the perfect setting for sewing cozy pillows inside at our Chics With Tools Workshop. I was tempted to tell the ladies to wear their PJ’s and comfy slippers.

In preparation for the holidays, we used Christmas trees as the motif. Ahead of time, everyone chose between three background colors: red, green, or black. That way I could have the fabric pre-shrunk and cut for them. Then once they arrived, they chose the material for their trees, which I had already ironed Wonder Under onto.

For those not familiar with Wonder Under , it is an essential element if you want to appliqué designs onto fabric. It is basically a sheet of adhesive ironed onto fabric. It can be used without sewing, but will work much better and last longer if you zig zag it into place.

Here is how to make these cozy pillows.

  1. Find the center of the background fabric and mark it with chalk.

  2.  Peel off Wonder Under paper backing and using a damp towel, steam onto background fabric.

  3. Hem short sides of background fabric.

  4. Zig zag around tree.

  5. Put zipper foot on machine and attach yarn trim.

  6. With right sides facing each other and back overlapped, sew together.

  7.  Stitch around pillow twice, completely.

  8. Hand sew button in place.

  9. Repeat all steps with second pillow.

As with most things, the second pillow went faster than the first. But we still ran out of time. However, in the end, the ladies went home with one complete pillow (okay, one was missing a button) and everything they needed to complete the second. As you can see, the results were fantastic! Thanks for coming, you “Chics With Tools”!