Pipe Shelving

I made a little progress in the garage last week regarding storage. We decided we wanted to use pipe and wood shelving for an industrial vibe. After looking at several different methods, I decided to go with using a backing board. The reason is that the board is attached directly to studs. But the brackets don’t have to be, making the placement options plentiful. If I were using just the pipes attached to the walls, I would have had to do a bunch of wall anchors and if you have read one of my previous posts, you know I am not a fan.

Everbilt 8” Black Industrial Pipe Shelf Bracket-Home Depot

Everbilt 8” Black Industrial Pipe Shelf Bracket-Home Depot

Pipe fittings can be expensive when you need several. I discovered three-piece versions at Home Depot for significantly less that if I were to buy everything separately. The down side is that they come in one size. But for my needs in this area, where paint cans and supplies will be stored, they were perfect.


I had already cut and stained the backing pieces and shelves which made the process really simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Mark wall studs.

  2. Use a level to mark a guideline for the backing board. Be sure the bubble is dead center.

  3. Drill pilot holes then insert screws to make it easier to install.

  4. Attach backing board into studs.

  5. Attach pipe brackets.

  6. Using a table saw set at an angle, trim the back off the shelf boards to clear the pipe flanges.

  7. Lay shelves on top.

Later we will work on some organization to make the look cohesive. But for now we are a little further down the road which is always a good thing.