Silent Night Themed Christmas Decor

We entertain a lot of people during the Christmas holiday. The whole house is decorated (19 trees and counting). Each year, some things are tweaked a little but the dining room and foyer are reflective of that year’s theme, which is always a Christmas carol. A theme, you ask? Yes! Absolutely. It is my starting point and framework for colors and motifs. This year was Silent Night.


The look I was after was one of a German Christmas Pyramid, with the scenes of the Nativity on different levels. Because I try to make the design match the scale of the room, which means tall, I would have needed one which would have cost been $500-$1000. So instead, I put one together using things we already had: a Nativity, coffee table, greenery, and burlap. I purchased ribbon from Walmart and Sams, star ornaments from Dollar Tree and Walmart, and a plastic platter from Party City.

We started with the ceiling. My husband strung a grid of fishing line all over it. Then our 15 year-old made a pattern of the grid and plotted out where all 40 plus gold star ornaments would hang before actually climbing the ladder. Clever girl. To really add to the effect, my husband bought some projection bulbs to create the Northern Lights on the gold barrel vaulted ceiling of the dining room.


Next was the table cloths. I used what I had, including some mesh I hadn’t touched in years. A stash of burlap came in handy as well.

The dining table provided the bottom platform for the pyramid. During the summer I purchased a very pretty hexagonal coffee table in need of refurbishment. Though a bit large, it did seem to be perfect for the middle tier of the pyramid.

Since the coffee table was so tall and there was not much clearance under the chandelier for the top level, my friend, Sue, had the idea of putting par† of †he Nativity actually in the chandelier. Brilliant! But in order to really see the figures, the base would have to be clear. A plastic platter seemed like a perfect solution. I used my son’s Dremel to trim it down to exactly the right size then covered the rough edge with fabric.

To soften the overall look, I layered in faux greenery from years past in addition to new ribbon from Walmart and Sams. The finishing touches were candles of varying size on golden stands as well as votives. We like the Luminaria electric versions. They are an excellent fake and I don’t have to worry about burning down the house. But the sparkly ones came from Big Lots.

To give the room continuity, I repeated the ribbons, stars, and greenery everywhere, including the trees and even lamps.

Connecting the chandelier to the coffee table with ribbon gave the impression of it all being one piece, like the traditional Christmas pyramids. So with only a few purchases and what I already had, my mission was accomplished!