The Holly and the Ivy

Christmas decor can run the gamut from whimsical to elegant, rustic to refined. I like to all of them. Last year I decided to make a sort of rustic-elegant setting with the song “The Holly and the Ivy” as theme. The motif was lots and lots of greenery with just a few hints of red berries.

To really convey the theme, we strung lit garlands from the ceiling and added plastic crystals and glass ornaments with battery-operated candles inside. The hubs bought a projection bulb to make the ceiling really amazing.


Some may be wondering if we purchased all of that garland that way. In a word, no. We bought really basic stuff then raided Michaels during the Christmas greenery sale. We wired in the lights and sprigs ourselves.

One of the advantages of having so much emphasis on the ceiling was that it freed up table space a little, making it easy to go from the buffet set-up to sit-down Christmas dinner.


All it was missing was the fragrance of the pine forest. I wish I would have had some of our Silver Spruce sachets back then. Yes, that is a shameless plug for the home fragrance collections we carry. Check them out here.