A Boy's Dream Closet


This “terrace level” bedroom is under the dining room and follows its footprint, including the bay window jut-out. Only, there is no actual window. So what to do with this space? Make my boy’s dream closet.



The doors are four sliding panels that can completely shut so it truly becomes a secret space. This helps when converting it for company. Most couples don’t want to sleep with an arsenal on the wall, even though they are just Airsoft guns. The construction is simple: 1” x 4” frames with sheet metal flashing attached on the back. This makes them fairly lightweight. They are hung using two sets of by-pass closet door systems. It gives the barn door idea without the expense. Plus they are SO COOL and fit the boy’s modern aesthetic.

Slat Wall (a hand-me-down from Grandmama’s shop), a Star Wars sticker from the bargain bin at Walmart and cool multi-colored LED tape lights take the look over the top.