Guest Beds Without Guest Rooms


A few years ago we started opening our home to groups of up to ten overnight guests at once. Our goal was to show 5-star hospitality, which meant beds for each guest. We did not want to store mattresses and did not want loads of empty beds. Also, flexibility was necessary, never knowing what combination of men and women we would have. The solution came in the form of EZ Beds. We got ours at Frontgate but other places sell very similar ones. In fact, they could be exactly the same, just packaged differently.  They come in twin, queen, and king, are the size of a large suitcase, have wheels, and inflate or deflate in a couple of minutes. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but with the addition of memory foam, cushy mattress pads, pressed linens, and quilts made by the hub’s grandmother, these air mattresses on legs transformed into luxurious and extremely comfortable beds, loved by our guests.