DIY Snack Bouquets


Does gift-giving give you anxiety, especially when it comes to boys? As if birthdays and Christmas were not enough, you have to navigate things like performances. You know, when actors receive flowers? I realize that's very specific. But what I am going to share works for all occasions, all ages, male and female.

We went to a musical to support our middle school friend. Somehow, taking him flowers did not seem like the thing to do. But then something came to mind: those candy bar arrangements you see in grocery store florists. So, I stopped to pick one up and realized that they were all Easter themed and a rip off- $14.99 for 3 (maybe 4) regular-sized candy bars and some cellophane in a vase, that a 14-year-old boy would not want. It’s times like these when the DIY urges come into play.

I headed back to the candy aisle and picked up about $8 worth of sweets. We had everything else at home already: kabab skewers, clear packing tape, tissue paper, ribbon, a paper clip, and a mason jar.



Construction was super simple. I put some tissue paper in a ring around the inside of the jar. (Although next time I would probably add some weight to it, like M & M’s. It was a little top-heavy.) Then I taped skewers to the back of the candy and arranged them in the jar. The finishing touches were tissue paper and a bow, which was attached to a skewer with a paper clip. (I was too lazy to hunt down some wire.)


The whole project took no more than ten minutes and was super easy! Plus, the recipient got at least twice the goods for a little over half the price. This may be my new go-to gift. It can be customized for anyone! Try these options:


So, the next time you are at a loss for a gift, think DIY Snack Bouquets! You can do it!