From Granny To Glam!


Have you ever come across one of these old sewing cabinets? Or maybe you even have one, handed down from a loving friend or relative. Did you ever think about converting it into a nightstand? 


Several years ago when we finished out the basement, we needed to furnish it on the cheap. That happens to be my favorite way of doing things. I get jazzed by taking junk and making it fabulous. One of the new spaces was nicknamed the Glam Room. It was all gray, white, and black, inspired by an Ethan Allen catalog (with pops of yellow inspired by my desperate need for color). Needing a budget friendly nightstand  that went with the glitzy feel of the room, this sewing table seemed like a good starting point.

All  the moving parts were fastened together to stay put. Then is was a matter of trim, spray paint, a broken mirror, a whole mirror, and tiling supplies. It truly was not difficult because it did not need to be perfect. In fact, I embrace the imperfect

Then two years ago, we had to rearrange our bedrooms to accommodate the addition of two more children. I was a bit discouraged because it seemed like we had just put the finishing touches on the Glam Room. But separating our kids was more important than design. This meant that this very sophisticated space became our eldest son's new digs. Since most 14 year-old boys don't go for glitz, we moved the nightstand to a new home in his little sister's pink room. It totally suited her girly style. Who knew that a mirrored table could be so versatile?