Simple Solution for a Tedious Task

Have you ever passed on a project that seemed like too much work? Of course, we all have. Or maybe you thought it would be easy but you quickly discovered that it was going to be hours of tedium and the blood, sweat, and tears would totally not be worth it. This headboard fit into the latter.

Child #4 needed a headboard. I found this one at a thrift store for super cheap. The lines were princess perfect. But the fabric was past its 1980’s prime. 


The traditional approach would have been to remove all the fabric and pull out the endless supply of staples. Not this time, for two reasons: 1. That method would have taken WAY too much time and WAY too much effort for little return, and 2. Child #4 has a tendency to get things dirty. 

The solution? A simple slipcover. I used the existing headboard as the pattern to cut three pieces: front, back, and gusset (the strip connecting the two). I had some contrasting piping which added to the design without adding difficulty, making it look more polished. Then I used some extra fabric to cover the legs of the headboard. 


A person with basic sewing skills can do this.  Honestly, if you just wanted to hot glue it all in place, you could. (I did that with some chairs in my college years. I also used masking tape to hem my clothes, but that’s another story.) But this way, you can pull off the cover and wash it then pop it back on in a skinny minute. Admittedly, it is not tight and looks like a slipcover. But embrace the imperfect!