Embracing the Curves


If you have been reading some of my recent blogs, you know about the $50 Goodwill bed I bought. I told you about the bench and sign made from my find.  But the remaining parts had potential too.

What drew me to the bed in the first place were the hefty turned legs. (Sometimes I think my taste in furniture is reflective of my body image.)  Anyway, even though I used the curvy bits for the bench, the bedposts were so tall that I was able to get two other projects out of them.

A long time ago I bought this bench at a consignment store. (You can read about the pillows in a previous blog.) But it was really low to the ground. All it took to make it normal height was to cut one small section from the bedposts. I screwed the pieces to the existing legs and DONE! The finish was close enough to the bench that I didn’t feel the need to do much besides maybe some sanding. By the way, there is a two-ended fastener called a dowel screw that allows you to make finials or legs out of just about anything wood.


The last things made from the turned parts of the bedposts were these cake stands. The scrap pile had enough wood for the tops and trim. After assembly,  I primed and painted them. I did not try to hide the fact that they were formerly something else. Instead I embraced the imperfect by sanding them back a bit, giving them the rustic farmhouse style.

Look around and see what curvy bits you can turn into something unexpected. Give it a go!