From a Bed to a Bench

You know that saying “patience is a virtue”? Well, I often fall short in that area, but there was one instance when I actually bided my time and was rewarded.

A few years ago, we decided that we wanted a bench at the end of our king-sized bed. But I was not interested in anything small and the one option I saw in a catalog was really expensive and still not quite the right size. I actually wanted one to almost span the width of the bed, six feet. I knew we could make one but I wanted big fat turned legs.

After striking out with a carpenter, I headed to Goodwill. (There are tons of bed to bench conversions in "antique" stores so I thought I would go that route.)  I saw a big bed with chunky turned posts. It was $99. Great price! But I knew that if I was patient, it would eventually get marked down. Fortunately for me, it was out of style so no one wanted it. I got it for $49! SCORE!


I used the tops of the posts for the legs of the new bench but kept everything else for other projects (more on that in subsequent posts).

The construction was out of plywood and brackets on top of which I put really dense foam and batting from Joann’s to make it comfy. (Don’t skimp on the foam and always go with a coupon because it is expensive!)

The tufting was created with covered buttons which are really easy but look very custom. Yes, all the materials added up, but the whole thing probably cost 1/3 of what it would have in a store IF it would have even been available.

So, if you want something and can’t find it, think about how to adapt something else to fit your purpose. You can do it!