Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day-Part 1


Are you struggling with what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? (Did you realize it's less than two weeks away?) Admittedly, women are simpler to buy for than men, but it is still not easy to find the perfect gift for them. Here are just a few tips and ideas that may get your juices flowing to appeal to the different sides of your moms. Click on the names of the items to find out where to buy them.



Okay, they’re not original but flowers are always welcome. For those of us living a plane ride away from our moms, internet-based companies are very tempting. But if you want to save some money and be sure you are getting what you are paying for, I have a tip from a local florist. Places like 1-800 FLOWERS, which I have used, just farm the work out to the local florists. They charge delivery but don’t pass that on to the local guys. Also, the latter can’t stock EVERYTHING offered on the website so they can’t always do exactly what you expect. My source told me just call directly to a florist in the town near the recipients. Lower price, personal service. Win, win!



Heirloom Roses

If you want a flower that will last, try buying heirloom rose bushes. These days, most modern rose varieties have had the smell hybridized out of them. Fortunately, you can still find the old-fashioned kind that are as fragrant as they are beautiful.


Tiny Vases


I love tiny vases. Fresh flowers brighten any room and with these cuties, you don’t need a certificate in floral design. One bloom is enough.




If food were one of the five love languages, it would definitely be mine. There are all sorts of companies offering an array of delectables from fruits to nuts, literally.


Sherries Berries are always a hit, just be sure to order well in advance to avoid extra shipping. But here are some not as conventional options.






Yoder Popcorn

Amish popcorn is hands-down the best. Ladyfinger is one of our favorite varieties because it is hull-less making it consumable for kids with braces.





Being of Scandinavian descent, this delicious pastry was part of my heritage. You can choose from many different flavors and they are available, from among other places, O & H Danish Bakery.



Elite Pecan Coffee


On our recent trip to Waco, we discovered this delicious nectar from Magnolia Table. I bought it for my mom who is now addicted to the stuff.




Specialty Foods


So many people are on restricted diets, whether low-sugar, low-salt, or gluten-free. Making a gift basket of “legal” goodies makes for a nice change for those who are always having to watch their intake.







Local Delights

I love receiving gift baskets from different regions. It’s kind of like taking your taste buds on a vacation.






Pronounced “hoogah”, this Danish concept of comfort and coziness seems like second nature to most Americans. Get your mama’s hygge on with these selections.



My mom got me some of these for Christmas. They are like “butta”.



Vera Bradley Fuzzy Blanket


I love Vera Bradley bags, which are a great gift option in themselves. But a couple of years ago, my sister-in-law gave our girls these blankets. They LOVE them! They are super soft and plush. Every mom needs one.






Having something soft and warm on your feet is essential to hygge. Slippers are also a great way to interject fun and whimsy into your mom's wardrobe. My most unusual ones were  "ruby" slippers and giant old lady heads (not great for stair climbing).





Greenleaf Collection

Hygge encompasses all the senses. We discovered Greenleaf at the Biltmore a few years ago. They make several scents in a variety of products, from sachets to candles. We love the stuff!


Hopefully this brief list will at least get your wheels turning. Stay tuned for Part 2.