Gift Ideas for Mother's Day-Part 2

What is it that moms really need on Mother's Day. In a nutshell, they need to feel loved and valued. But that looks different for everyone. The book, The Five Love Languages, speaks to this. In my case, I love acts of service. So on Mother's Day that means, I don't cook and get the day off.  Cards and flowers in some form (usually something plantable) are a huge bonus. But others feel more loved with gifts. So this list really speaks more to those in that camp.  In “Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day Part 1” I shared some thoughts for traditionalists, foodies, and hygge-ers. Here are four more categories to investigate for that special something for Mom. Click on the item names to find out where to buy them.



Every girl needs some basics in her tool arsenal. Buy fun colors to brighten up any task.



Cordless Glue Gun

Every home should have a glue gun. They make quick work of all sorts of crafts and projects. I covet this cordless model.











Cute Drill

Don’t be fooled by its pink color. This drill has enough umph to do most anything you would need to.













Hand Tools

There’s no need for Mom to dig through the garage for a screwdriver or hammer. Give her her own private stash. A bonus to having pink tools is that the men in her life probably won’t steal them.










Staple Gun

Staple guns come in handy, especially if your mom has any upholstery projects on the docket.









Gardening is not for the faint of heart. It takes lots of work and patience. But these goodies make even the most arduous tasks more pleasurable.



Gardening Kneeler

Garden work can take a toll on the knees. Some of us are beyond kneeling all together. This little number can either be turned upside down as a kneeling pad or right-side up as a bench. The handy tool pockets make it easy to move from job to job.











Badger Gloves

Garden gloves wear out so it is probably about time to get Mom another pair. This style was new to me. Yes, they are a bit freaky, but the claws take the place of a tool. Pretty clever.











Gardening Tools

If the mom in your life has little children around, chances are, some of her gardening tools have gone missing. Buy her a nice new set, then hide it.












Garden Book

The internet is a great resource. But there is nothing like perusing an actual volume in your hands. 










The best gifts are the ones that pluck the heart strings. Most of these options do require thinking ahead. But the resulting joy is worth the effort.




Framed Family Photos

Moms, especially ones who are grandmas, love photos of their crew. Since frames are available in every conceivable style, choosing the one that suites your mom adds an extra  personal touch.


Digital Images-review of best companies

Growing up in the 70’s we have family photos and videos in at least five formats. Companies out there can digitalize all of them, preserving them for the future.

Photo Books

I have done photo books for my family and the kids cherish them. Yes, they are a lot of work but Mom would love a collection of photos of her gang.



Children’s Birthstone Jewelry

There are lots of versions of this idea in styles that run the gamut from modern to traditional, befitting anyone’s taste.







Does your mom have any inherited china? If so, chances are it is incomplete. I have my grandmother's and only about four dinner plates have survived the years. This company specializes in old and discontinued china, crystal and flatware. 






When our moms reach a certain point in life, they may no longer want to acquire things, but instead, share what they have with others.


Trades of Hope


I am a raving fan of this company. They empower and provide employment for women artisans in third world countries by selling their wares in the U.S. Read the story and shop. The prices are good and the merchandise is beautiful!









There are so many worthwhile causes to give to. But I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to our favorite, Radooga. This Ukrainian ministry reaches young people through camping. A contribution could help send an underprivileged or displaced teen to camp.


With Mother’s Day upon us, it’s time to make a decision. But just remember, it really is the thought that counts. Just be sure she gets the break she deserves.