Home-Spun Patriotism

It’s Memorial Day, a time to remember those who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy in this great country. It is also a day to show our patriotism by hanging flags outside our homes and decorating with the red, white, and blue. To help you get a festive look, here are a couple of home-spun ideas for your door that don’t take much time or money, that is if you happen to have some scraps on hand.


Fabric Scrap Wreath

1.    Purchase a wreath frame online or at the craft store. I actually did not use one because I had two lampshade rings from previous projects. You can also try using a pool noodle and duct tape.

2.    Cut about 75 red, white, and blue fabric scraps into strips around 2 1/2”x 20”. The patterns don’t matter and if the lengths vary slightly, that’s okay too. This is another instance when you can “embrace the imperfect”. 

3.    Tie the strips in knots around the frame. Done!




Star Door Hanging

1.    Make or purchase a star. I found this driftwood version for a steal at Ross. But the star can be made from twigs, twine, and hot glue, cut from thin wood, or sewn like a pillow. The options are endless.

2.    With blue fabric scraps cut to about 24”x 4”, I resurrected one of my old stencils and painted the stars with them. Notice that the stencil is wider than the strips. So, I just offset them which made the pattern more interesting anyway. 

3.    With red-striped fabric, make a bow and hot-glue it together. Then add the dried blue strips. Cut the ends decoratively.

4.    Attach the stars with hot glue and hang.


All together the projects took about two hours but yielded lots of satisfaction. But if you decide to buy your patriotic décor, I did see some cute stuff at Big Lots. It doesn't matter what you choose, just sport your national pride!