Super Quick Burlap Wreath


Have you ever made a laundry error? If you have ever done a load of wash, chances are you have.  One of mine happened a few months ago. I used burlap to make table toppers. But because people were eating on top of them, some inevitably got dirty. Not knowing any better, I put them in the wash. The result was a rumpled mess, an irreversible rumpled mess. Yes, I tried getting them wet to smooth them out and tried ironing, but the damage was done. Even though they were no longer fit to be what I had originally wanted them to be, they did look kind of cool. I just needed to find another purpose for them.

Fast forward to a few days ago. We were expecting a newlywed couple in our Airbnb cottage. We wanted to mark the occasion by adding something special so I thought some sort of wedding wreaths for the two doors would be a good idea.  But I wanted something current, not stuffy. The pile of rumpled burlap came to mind. This is what I did.

Repurposing a wire used for installing insulation, I formed the shape of a heart, leaving enough at the center of the top to adjoin the sides together.

Laying the approximately 40" long pieces of burlap width-wise, I cut them into eight equal strips. Perfection was not important since I was dealing with a very organic material.


Next, I simply threaded the wire through the strips. Each wreath took a total of 6 strips (but could have handled more) to cover the wire. Then I twisted the open ends together which also served as the hanging mechanism. 

The finishing touch was a big white and silver bow from leftover Christmas ribbon. (I can teach you how to make those another time.)

It took about 45 minutes to make the first one but only 20-25 to make the second. Since everything was from around the house, cost was $0. Now that’s a great bang for the buck!