So, What is “Chics With Tools”, Anyway?

Here’s the story….

I have been really fortunate in many, many ways. One in particular is in my home arts education. What my mom couldn’t do, my dad could, whether it was cooking, sewing, decorating, painting, building, or gardening. Their instruction along with my Grandma Goodie (nickname for Gudrun), my middle school home economics and shop teachers (yes, shop), my high school drama coach, two art degrees, part-time jobs, five years teaching stage design, homeownership, and the school of trial and error, got me to this point. 

I was an art teacher for eight years so I guess the idea of passing on information is just part of who I am. So, a few years ago, as I was helping one of my younger friends, I realized that there was a learning gap between our generations that meant many young women were left without basic home-making skills, let alone any experience in the DIY arena. Somewhere along the line, home economics got dropped from middle school requirements leaving a hole that had to be filled by parents or private lessons. Being a mom of four, I know that intentions to teach my children do not result in actions. No judgement. 

Then there is the DIY side of things. When I was in eighth grade, a million years ago, for one grading period, all the girls in school changed places with the boys and they learned to cook while we did woodshop. It was awesome! I got to use all kinds of power tools that I still don’t have in my garage. Those kinds of opportunities are rare these days.

My encounter with my young friend sparked an idea of teaching what I know to those who have come behind me and the concept of “Chics With Tools” was born. In recent years, though, I have discovered that women of all ages can benefit. (By the way, I am open to educating men and children as well.)

My Mission:

To glorify God and share joy by empowering and educating people (primarily women) by providing instruction and inspiration in order to bring out their hidden gifts and abilities and for them to feel confident in their cooking, sewing, carpentry, painting, and DIY skills so they may create beautiful and comfortable homes for themselves and others.

This is the beginning. The first workshop will be July 25th. We are offering a morning session and an evening session where we will be making a multi-purpose centerpiece from martini glasses and pallet wood. My hope is that there will be one workshop per month on topics ranging from cake decorating to woodworking. In addition, we will be offering private events where you can bring your crew of five to ten people to learn and create together. 

I hope you will join us as we spur each other on while we turn our creative ideas into realities!