Wedding Dress Dilemma

What do you do with your old wedding dress? Like many brides, I had mine cleaned and preserved. It is sealed in a box for the day one of my girls may possibly want it. Yes, it probably will have yellowed but I just couldn’t part with it all those years ago. But that created a problem. I had this giant box that just kept getting moved from place to place. If I would have stored it in the attic, it probably would not have liked the intense heat. It took up too much space in the closets, so what to do? The answer was to “hide it in plain sight” by camouflaging the box and putting it on display.

The wedding dress box is topped by a hat box containing the veil.

The wedding dress box is topped by a hat box containing the veil.

Here are the steps:

Buy pretty fabric. I used some with French writing on it. (Why is it that anything looks or sounds good in French?) 

Cut one long piece of fabric to go around the front and sides, leaving about 1” extra all the way around to glue it to the back, top, and bottom. Using carpet tapefabric glue, and/or hot glue attach the fabric to the box. Don’t worry about covering the bottom.

Cut another piece that will be for the lid, again adding extra so the rough edges can be turned toward the inside of the lid and down the back a little. To go around rounded edges, cut slits in the fabric. To do box corners, fold fabric like a square corner on a bed.

Cut a final rectangular piece for the back. Before adhering it to the box, fold all the edges under and glue them down. Then attach the whole thing.

Voilà! It will take you longer to choose the fabric than to do this project. As a result, you won’t have to trip over your wedding dress anymore while adding a pretty accessory to your home.