Chics With Tools Premier

Getting Ready- Garage Transformation Week 2

This past week we made some progress turning our three-car garage into the Chics With Tools studio. The electrician worked quickly to get the power supply we needed and the HVAC guys installed the mini-split, just in time for my first workshops.  Thursday, our contractor started working on the storage loft that will span the width of the garage, freeing up floor space. As handy as Page and I are, we know when to call professionals. Basic framing doesn't scare us, but a 14” x 22’ lam. beam? Uh, no thanks. 


Even though we were thrilled with the progress, there was still a lot of work to do to make the garage into an inviting space for my first class. After hours of toiling away, it all came together.


The First Workshop

Our first class was great! I had five ladies, all of whom were from my church. They prayed with me to dedicate this venture, which was perfect. As crazy as it sounds, I got a little emotional seeing them with palm sanders.  It was the moment my dream came true and my purpose in starting this was made manifest.  


During the morning session, we discovered a few things that we needed to alter in order to manage our time better. Implementing these changes made the evening session run really smoothly, even with twice the participants. It also helped that I had a friend assisting.


I really appreciated this first group of women who took a chance on me. They got in there and tried everything. They helped and encouraged one another and the results were fantastic! They went home with beautiful centerpieces they could be proud of while having conquered a miter saw,palm sanderdrill presscordless drill, and nail gun.


Next Up: Cake Decorating.

If you have ever been frustrated at your skill level when trying to ice a cake, join me on August 21st. You will go home with a beautifully decorated and delicious confection, plus a few basic supplies and new knowledge that will set you up for future success.  Register on the events tab.