Kids' Art Display

I love color! As much as I appreciate the latest farmhouse style, I know myself enough to admit that if we decorated using all white and black, I would sooner, rather than later, need to inject color. It’s in my DNA. 

I also love art of all kinds. In a previous post, I told you about some of the methods to add art to your walls for just a little money. One of my favorite ways is with my kids’ work. In our house, it’s not just for their rooms or the refrigerator. Framed up, their drawings and paintings take up prominent wall space, which not only beautifies our home, but it increases the young artists’ self-confidence.

In one of our lower level spaces, there were four identically sized, neutral wall spaces that were screaming for life. We have four kids. Perfect! So, for a period of a few months, I gathered picture frames of varying sizes from thrift stores and garage sales, attempting to get four of each, although the profiles of the actual frames differed. Once there were enough, I simply spray painted them all glossy black. At first, I didn’t have enough of the kids’ best pieces to hang, so I just took pretty wrapping and scrapbook paper and filled the empty frames. As they produced more, I substituted their art for the paper. Also, since doing the original display, as they create newer and better ones, I replace the originals.


The result is happy, bright, colorful, and personalized spaces which truly make our house our home.