Now You See Them, Now You Don't!

I loathe cords! I inherited my distain of them from my mother who was scarred by her father, a man we all adored. Not known for a keen aesthetic sense, Granddad put an outlet in an antique desk and use an exquisite music cabinet to hold paint in his basement, among other things. There were wires, wires, and more wires throughout their home. It was Heaven for him, not so much for Mom.  Like her, I want to remove as many wires and cords from my view as possible.

Even in this age of everything wireless, technology still has to be charged. Since we are a large family, that means, you guessed it, CORDS! And not just cords, but those clunky boxes on the cords! We are blessed to have a public-school system that issues Chromebooks to students every year. We have four kids. Fortunately, only two bring them home now. We have a family policy that all technology must be in the kitchen when the kids go to bed. Which means there needs to be a place for all of the following to charge: two school Chromebooks, an ancient iPad, two phones, my old computer (slow as molasses in January), and my new one. Oh, and the computer my daughter bought with her own money.  

The hubs bought a cute stand which is great for some of these but it does not really address the “ginormous” clunky Chromebook chargers. Also, since I am the one who hates cords, I didn’t want all this mess camping on my desk, which is where it has been, looking like a pile of spaghetti.



We toyed around with putting all of the tech devices in another room or making a cabinet just for them but we realized that with a little shuffling, the antique cabinet in the kitchen (from a yard sale) was the perfect spot. While I was away, the hubs, installed our new system.



All our new charging station required was a strong pot lid rackhole drill bit to accommodate the cord, a surge protector, and metal perforated plumbing tape to attach the rack to the back of the cabinet.


Now all we need is for the kids to actually put them away.