Why Cake?

If you have been following us, you know that the next Chics With Tools workshop is cake decorating. Some of you may be wondering ‘Why?’. Here is my history regarding cakes.

My mom always made our birthday cakes and they were delicious! My favorite was one she invented: banana split. They magically appeared on our special days on the kitchen counter with every swirl in the right place. I learned from her how to make delicious cakes that were aesthetically pleasing.

Fast forward. When I met my husband, I learned that his mom made cakes on the side, as in wedding. I had never personally met a person who could do that. To me, a tiered cake seemed beyond mere mortals. But when it came time for our wedding, the hubs asked for the “mac daddy of all cakes” and she delivered! Sheila, my mother-in-law, baked everything in South Carolina, and hauled it on dry ice to Indiana in gigantic coolers that looked like coffins. Then she and my father-in-law spent the best part of our wedding week in the church kitchen mixing frosting and decorating the cakes. In addition to the multiple layers, satellite cakes, stairways, and a fountain, she made a groom's cake paying homage to my husband’s job. It was the length of a hospital gurney in the form of the Chick-fil-A cow holding the “Eat Mor Chikin” sign. It was amazing and hilarious! 

After getting married and having our first child, it was time for me to make cute thematic birthday cakes. Unfortunately, I was missing some basic technique. I had ideas in my head but the execution was severely lacking, despite my background as an art teacher. My frustration at making our second child’s first birthday cake was the tipping point for me. In addition, I realized that my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary was approaching. My siblings and I were not in the financial positions to pay for caterers and bakers so we needed to do everything ourselves. I decided I wanted to make a wedding cake for them. So, I signed up for Wilton’s beginning cake decorating course at Michaels. It was extremely helpful and just having a little knowledge went a very long way for me. 

I did make my parents’ cake. Unfortunately, I had only taken the Level 1 course. You learn how to do tiered cakes in Level 2. But with coaching from Sheila, it worked out.

I did take two more courses to become more proficient. Meanwhile, when a friend’s child was having a birthday, I offered to make the cake instead of bringing a gift. From that, a business began, entirely word of mouth. Everything was custom and I did designs from a three-foot guitar (one of my favorites) to multi-tiered wedding cakes. 

Josh's guitar.jpg

I gave up the business in 2011. I had felt like God had wanted me to let go of it for about three-years but I didn’t, not sure I was hearing correctly. However,  when I got extensor tendonitis in my right arm, that was my cue to finally stop. But since then, I have had the chance to teach children and adults some basic techniques through programs at our church and have loved seeing their successes. So that is why I am offering Cake Decorating through Chics With Tools. I want you to realize that you can do this! Making beautiful creations for family and friends is well within grasp. Who knows? You may decide you want to open your own bakery! At the very least, you will gain skills in the kitchen so the next time the school wants you to bring cupcakes or someone at work is having a baby shower, you can step up with confidence.

Please join me August 21st where you will learn secrets to successful cake decorating. I will provide everything you need for the class, including the cake, and you will leave with some basic supplies and a finished creation you can be proud of.