Chics With Tools Junior Edition

The other day I had the pleasure of hosting a couple of sweet little girls for a sewing class. It was their birthday gift from me but I used it as a trial run for future Chics With Tools Junior Editions.

The girls were given a couple of project choices but decided on making patchwork table runners.

They started by learning a couple of basics of the sewing machines. Then using no thread, they had to practice by following a design on a piece of paper. It was amazing how much better they got from the first few inches to the end.

Next , the girls chose fabric for a Christmas runner from some precut strips. For a second runner they used a section of fabric that had already been pieced together for a previous project.

My young students learned that ironing and measuring are essential to successful projects. They spent almost as much time in preparation as on the machines.

In the end, they had two super cute table runners and lots of pride in their work. Well done, girls!


If you want an unusual activity or need a party idea, schedule a Chics With Tools private event. Since it is your group, you may choose who attends, whether little girls or grown women. Minimum class size is five and maximum is ten for most projects. Cake decorating is limited to six, however. Contact me at if you are interested.