Chics With Tools-Vintage Toolbox Wrap-up


Last night we had our final session of Chics With Tools for this month. Our project was vintage-style wooden toolboxes with dividers to make them super versatile. Most of us don’t have an uninterrupted expanse of time to go start to finish on a project. Any kind of project. So it was a pleasant surprise to one of the women that the whole thing could be done at one time. But because three hours is not a long time I did a lot of prep in advance. But the ladies still had the opportunity to use the compound miter saw, drill press, nail gun, and in most cases, palm sander. The process involved:

  • sanding and distressing wood

  • cutting the end pieces for the box on the miter saw

  • using the drill press to make holes for the dowel handle

  • assembling the box with the nail gun

  • staining (and stenciling if time allowed)

These classes always have their surprises. I learn something new with each one and really enjoy getting to know some terrific and very interesting people. Women come in at the beginning with a set of expectations , sometimes with excitement and other times with a little trepidation. But the Makery is a “no judgement zone”. That’s actually the point. The women are encouraged to leave perfectionism at the door and to in fact “embrace the imperfect”. Letting go of the bondage of one’s own expectations allows room for the joy that will inevitably come when one creates. It’s a hard battle for many, though. But I love these women for trying things outside of their comfort zones, pushing themselves to conquer something new . As an added bonus, I get to watch these groups of strangers help and spur one another on to success. It feeds my soul!

The results speak for themselves!