Creativity and Cake Wrap-up

Last week we hosted three Chics With Tools Workshops, “Creativity and Cake”. My enthusiastic participants learned to make ganache, use melting chocolate, make piped leaves, and 3-D roses. Crafting an edible work of art takes time, practice, and, you may be surprised to discover, perseverance. There were challenges, lots of them, such as chocolate that wouldn’t melt, or melted too fast, or frosting that couldn’t quite decide if it should be thick or thin, or roses that felt the need to leap into laps. (Notice how I blamed the ingredients and not myself.) But these ladies forged through with determination. That may sound a little silly to some but until you have tried to make a rose from frosting, you won’t know what kind of skill it takes. Throughout there was laughter and banter and in the end, they made some beautiful cakes, unique to each person.

We started with flourless chocolate cakes that I made ahead. You can find the recipe on one of my previous blogs: Black Beast Cake

Then if you were to have taken the class, these would have been your steps:

  • Make ganache

  •  Mix frosting

  • Stir ganache and cool

  •  Fill piping bags

  •  Practice basic piping with star tip

  •  Smooth on ganache and chill

  • Chocolate piping 

  • Practice leaves and apply to cake

  •  Cut wax paper into 2” squares

  • Make chocolate “kisses” for roses 

  • Add “shawl” and petals to roses

  • Place roses evenly around cake

  • Place chocolate decorations between roses

  • Insert center decoration. Embellish with roses.

If you want to see all of the photos, head over to our Kerith House Facebook page.