Creative Seasonal Storage


I realize that not everyone has a massive collection of wreaths like we do. But I know that some of you do. Come on, you know who you are. Anyway, in an effort to find more space in our home for our online merchandise, we needed to rethink some of our closets. The obvious choice was where we keep some of our seasonal decor. But it needed to be revamped so we came up with a new system which is super easy and super cheap.


A few years ago we put pegboard up in this basement closet. The idea was to hang our wreaths from it. But unfortunately, some of ours were too heavy and the pegs pulled out, tearing the board. So now we had a bunch of empty hardware and a floor filled with seasonal decor. This was actually our second storage space. The first was in the attic but the Georgia summers proved to be detrimental to a lot of the ornaments on the wreaths.

Another problem was that even when the wreaths were all hanging up, they made the space way too tight. So we did something counterintuitive when one is trying to improve storage. We took out the shelves at the end of the closet and decided to make that the new wreath zone.



We took three pieces of conduit, which were super cheap. We put the first piece in the ceiling joists then attached rope that we already had to that then fed it through the next pipe making a trapeze. Then we repeated the process with the lowest pipe.

Next, we zip-tied ‘S’ hooks to the pipes. This was not our Plan “A’ . We were planning to just hook the wreath bags straight onto the pipes. Somehow they fit in the store but not at home. But this worked out even better because they won’t fall off when removing wreaths. Finally, we arranged the wreaths on the hanging rods, categorizing them by season.


The last thing we did was attach some more rope to a ceiling joist. We tied loops every couple of feet. Why, you ask? Because we still had a whole tub of loose silk flowers. Some I could feed right through the loops. But others I keep in these zipper bags, which I save when I get sheets. By the way, this rope system works brilliantly for wet life jackets.

Will this closet ever be pretty? Definitely not! But it is now super functional and organized which in this case, trumps “pretty”.