Chic and Strong- A Heavy-Duty Shelf


As part of the garage- to-Chics With Tools Makery transformation, I decided that I needed a craft paper dispenser. Now, that is not a felt need for most but I use it to cover the tables at my workshops. The thing with really large rolls of paper is that they are heavy, So just hanging a dowel rod on some pegboard was not going to cut it. Ideally, I wanted the unit to hang on the wall. But after pricing that kind, I decided the countertop version would be just fine, as long as I made a wall shelf to hold it. So using all scrap wood, this what I did.


Craft paper

Craft paper dispenser (This one can be mounted on a wall too but I didn’t want to chance it.)

2” x "4”

Pocket screws

Wood for facing

3/4” Plywood for shelf


  • Measure where you want your craft paper to go. (I decided to put a big chalkboard in the blank space and the dispenser under the window.)

  • Open dispenser and measured it.

  • Cut a piece of plywood for the shelf, large enough to hold it. Cut out around pipes or other obstacles.

  • Attach a 2”x 4” nailer to the underside of the shelf, working around pipes.

  • Make supports the depth of the shelf.

  • Make brackets that will go from the front to the wall at a diagonal. Attach all supports together with pocket screws.

  • Make a cover for the front with thin pieces of wood, joining them together in the back. But do not attach it yet.

  • Cut trim pieces for the sides as well and attach.

  • Stain the whole piece.

  • Attach the shelf with screws to the wall studs through the nailer.

  • Cover the sides and ends of all the 2” x 4”s with the trim pieces.

  • Screw the dispenser into place.

  • Install the paper roll. DONE!