Framing With Friends


April’s Chics With Tools project was a picture frame. Not just any frame, but one made from scrap crown molding, fencing, and other trim pieces. Each one was unique with each lady putting her own spin on it.

I did a lot of work in advance, cutting a pile of trim into small pieces. I also had the bases cut in advance since they required the table saw. But once my “chics with tools” arrived, they started in with the power tools right away. If you are interested in making one of these, here are the basic steps.

Scrap Wood Picture Frame

  1.  Cut out the center of the plywood with the drill press and jigsaw.  

  2. Clean pieces and paint or stain them

  3. Cut outside frame on miter saw

  4. Attach outside frame with nail gun

  5. Glue and/or nail trim pieces in place

  6. Cut inside frame with miter saw

  7. Attach inner frame with nail gun

  8. Finish painting and/or staining

  9. Attach hanging hardware

  10. Cut mat

After marking their lines, the ladies, bore holes in the corners to allow places for the jigsaw blade to enter and turn.

We used butt joints to create a simple and rustic look. Having a base of 3/4” plywood made for successful nailing.

Everyone had the choice of either nailing their trim pieces into place or gluing them.

Attaching hanging hardware 1/3 of the way down of the overall height helps picture not tilt forward or have exposed wires.

Some wanted them more pristine and others rustic. Some will be picture frames and others may turn into mirrors. In all cases, they will be works of art these women can be proud of and they learned some skills along the way.