Inspiration or Obsessive Compulsion


Some people ask me where I get my ideas for projects. The short answer: everywhere. I look at Pinterest and take pictures of cute merchandise in stores. But the creative starting point for some of this year’s Chics With Tools projects has been my desire to use up things we already had. I have an overwhelming need to save and use scraps. In fact, when I went to an architectural salvage place a few weeks ago, I had a reaction that surprised me. Seeing all of those bits and pieces just full of possibilities made me want to buy the place, organize it, and provide new homes for all of those goodies. I don’t want to be a hoarder. I just see potential in refuse. I am a trash to treasures gal and proud of it.

“Maximizer” is in my top five on Strength Finders and “Responsibility” is number one. Combine those two and you end up with a garage full of wood scraps and a mind filled with ideas. The workshops have helped to whittle down the piles while providing my ladies with materials to make some really great pieces. But what’s ironic is that in my effort to use up some things, I end up with more scraps of another material. For example, to use up some martini glasses, I cut apart some palettes. Result? A tub of palette wood. In my effort to use up plywood we made signs framed with Craigslist fencing. I am still using up the fencing. Most recently, I cut up all of our old decorative trim for the Framing With Friends project. It took much less than I thought so now I have a mess of grocery bags filled with the stuff.

Preparing for our Spring Market, was the perfect opportunity, excuse, motivation, etc, to persevere on my quest to create from the chaos. So here are some examples of what I have made recently, all of which are available for purchase. I threw in some of my son’s work for good measure, which he made from scrap as well.

Off-Cut Mirrors


Pallet Wood Boxes and Headboard

Scrap Trim Sofa Table and Frames

Two By Six Hanging Pegs

Axes from the Scrap Box

As I have said, I really enjoy making things from not much. The process and the product give me great pleasure. But equally, I love that the pile in the garage keeps shrinking! By the way, if you are interested in any of this merchandise, please message me. Some will be on our website and other items will be for sale locally at The Funky Shack.