Check-It-Off Challenge!

Whatever happened to the notion of “lazy days of summer”? For some us it’s more like the “crazy days of summer”. Regardless, there is still a feeling that once school ends, there is margin, whether real or perceived. I often have a line-up of things I think I will get done during those months and this year is no exception. By the way, I am not talking about getting the oil changed or returning the poorly fitting pants to the store, I am talking about creativity, organization, and DIY.

If you are like me, sometimes you need an impetus to get going. It’s like running (not that I do that). Maybe to train your best you need the goal of a 5k or marathon. Well to get us going, I am issuing a challenge, the “Check-It-Off Challenge”. 

The Check It Off Challenge-3.png


Make a list of the projects you have been putting off. I will give you some of my examples:

Repairing the frame of one of my favorite paintings

Recovering the library loveseat

Putting doll clothes in shadow boxes

Refinishing a coffee table

Sewing a stash of pillows

The Family photo book from 2017

The Family photo book from 2018

Scrapbook pages from before the dawn of history

Assembling leftover picture frames from my workshops

Making the desk and stool for the cottage

Finishing the sofa table I started

Framing my kids’ artwork (that’s actually several projects)

Making the doors to cover our garage storage

Reorganizing my events closet

Securing the loose wood on my desk

Sorting through childhood photos and putting them in a book.

There are more things to do but you get the idea…

As you can see, some of those are small projects and some will take hours and hours. Maybe you need to just sew buttons on a coat or maybe you need to paint an entire bedroom. Finishing either type of task will give you a huge sense of accomplishment. 


Finish a project. Take before and after pictures and send them to me via email or messenger with a brief description. I want to share in your accomplishments. As an added incentive to really get things checked off your list, for the first 10 people who complete 5 projects by July 1st, I will send you a Chics With Tools T-shirt. I want the Chics With Tools Facebook page filled with my people’s activities. Even if you just get one thing done, that is something! So who is with me?